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The Means Whereby

It ain't what you do ... it's the way that you do it



A never ending journey of self discovery

The Alexander Technique literally changed my life - it gave me the tools to become aware of what I was doing, how I was doing it then a way of consciously choosing to do something different.

It has become the foundation of everything I do.

During my three year teacher training I quickly realised that all my years of being a gym bunny had only succeeded in reinforcing my postural habit patterns - oops!

After qualifying I wanted to exercise in a more mindful way and went on to train as a pilates teacher which I taught for 18 years.

I do daily maintenance pilates as well as Miranda Bass' Stripped Back routine which I have adapted for the physio ball.
Pilates gives me physical and mental discipline

Through pilates I discovered Nia which gives me cardio vascular work as well as allowing me to express my creativity.

I find it interesting that FM Alexander, Joseph Pilates, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Aya Rosas all developed their individual techniques through personal experimentation - their own journey of self healing.

They are all saying the same thing - 'it ain't what you do ... it's the way that you do it'

In the Alexander Technique we call this 'the means whereby'

Come and join me on a journey of self discovery ......


What I do

Supply some tools for your transformation

Alexander Technique

Individual lessons and group workshops

Find out what your starting point is in terms of your physical, mental and emotional habit patterns - what is the root cause of the issue you would like to address.

Learn how to change this and how to continuously apply the principles for the rest of your life

The choice is yours

Nia ®

Dance fitness classes

Tap into your creativity and unleash the dancer within.

Learn how to transition from moving Your Body's Way to The Body's Way

Rediscover the Joy of Movement


1:1 sessions

Helping to build flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, whilst putting emphasis on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core.

Each session is tailored to your specific requirements so that you learn a sequence of exercises which you can safely practise at home

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improves posture

  • Improves mobility and flexibility of the spine

  • Increases muscle strength, endurance and tone

  • Promotes healthy joints

  • Promotes a more efficient and supportive core

  • Increases stability for the pelvis and shoulders

  • Facilitates injury prevention and physical rehabilitation

  • Improves motor skills such as balance and co-ordination

  • Builds stamina and increases circulation

  • Encourages deep and efficient breathing

  • Improves well being

  • Alleviates aches and pains, particularly back problems

  • Through weight bearing exercises, it helps to improve bone density

  • Relieves stress and tension

  • Heightens body awareness

  • Improves quality of life


Classes, sessions and lessons

Brampton Community Centre, Union Lane CA8 1BX

Movement to music
Monday 12.45 - 2.00pm - Tuam
Cost: Free

Nia ® for the Knackered 
Thursday 2 - 3 pm - Soul

Cost: £5 drop in

Pilates 1:1 sessions - 1 hour

Cost: £30

Alexander Technique 1:1 lessons - 1 hour
Cost: £45 or book and pay for 6 sessions £210

Alexander Technique Introductory workshop - ring for dates
Cost: £25

Alexander Technique follow on workshops - ring for dates
Week 1 -  Head & neck

Week 2 – Pelvis
Week 4 – Spine

Week 5 – Arms & hands

Week 6 - Legs
Cost: £25 each or £100 for all 5

Ring Jill on 07791 328312 for more information or to book


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